What to Drink This Weekend!
  • What to Drink This Weekend!

It's down to two killer events. And unless you're a goddamn drinking superhero, you'll have to choose.

There's a pretty killer 20th Birthday Party for Hair Of The Dog. It's got a buffet, tons of amazing rare and vintaged world-famous HOTD beer to taste (Five Flavors of Fred! Cherry, Flanders, Maple, Bourbon, and Fred From The Wood!) (Oh, and regular Fred), and you get to see either Curtis Salgado or Steve Cheeseborough and Duffy Bishop (depending on which 3.5-hour session you choose).

That said, it costs $50. You get a glass and eight tasters, access to said buffet, and the music, but that's still some serious bread. But Hair Of The Dog brings the beer geeks from across the nation, so it will unquestionably be worth it. Blues, beer, and a buffet. Yum.

You can choose either a 1:00pm - 4:30pm session (Salgado) or a 5:30pm - 9:00pm session (Bishop). That means if you play your cards right and somehow don't get schnockered on HOTD's big old barrel-aged anniversary brews, you might be able to make it to the weekend's other big beer event...

Fest de Peche! This celebration of all things peachy will be raging along from 11am to 10pm. This one's $18 for ten tastes and no food, but there's a $20 "peach plate" with courses of blah blah blah and a peach beer float for dessert!

Obviously the beer is the star of this show, and they aren't kidding around: local favorite seasonal peach beers like Upright's Fantasia (not pronounced, for some reason, like the Disney movie), Logsdon's Peche 'n' Brett, and Block 15's new Peche join US and import peach sours like Scaldis Peche Mel and Epic Brewing's Brainless On Peaches. Bushwhacker's got a Peach Ginger Cider and even Solera Brewing out in Parkdale is bringing a beer.

The choice is yours! Remember, Tri-Met is your friend if you want to do both. You do NOT want to be driving after that Hair Of The Dog party.