If you like to watch people choking on their own bloody vomit, you REALLY loved The Walking Dead last night! Would you like to chitty-chat about it? Hit the jump for my spoilery-spoilers and your incisive commentary. Welcome to The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!

Why dont my grandchildren come to visit anymore?
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  • "Why don't my grandchildren come to visit anymore?"

Here's what I'm thinking about this week's episode, "Internment."

1) So while Rick is experiencing yet ANOTHER crisis of the spirit (about whether or not he should've booted the murdering Carol out of the prison), Dr. Farmer McDrunky has a slightly bigger problem on his hands... LOTS O' BLOODY VOMIT. He's stuck in the infirmary trying to nurse all the sickies back to health, desperately hoping Daryl and the gang returns with the medication in time to save everybody... but especially Glenn, right? (We don't actually care if the others croak or not. I'M SORRY, BUT YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE!)

2) The zombies are inexplicably piling up on the fence again, and so Maggie and Rick prop some logs up against it. (Dumb plan, guys!) She tries to talk Farmer McDrunky into letting her see Glenn and when that doesn't work, she tries to get him to take a break from saving lives. And he's all like, "No thanks, I'm a martyr... sooooo."

3) Meanwhile Rick is very concerned about young Carl Jr.'s gun usage... until the horde of zombies break down the fence and start shambling toward the prison! Then Rick is all like, "Here's your machine gun, son! BADABADABADABADABADABOWWWW!" (You have to admit that was a pretty awesome scene.)

4) Back in the infirmary, Farmer Drunky McMartyr has been so busy "saving lives" he doesn't notice that some of his patients are turning into zombies! So a bunch of inexplicable things happen involving characters whose names I don't remember: When Farmer McMartyr is attacked, this one gal comes out to help him, but she's shot by this other dude who's bit by his son or somebody? And then this other guy with an airbag on his mouth is lured away by that weird little girl who Carol was supposed to take care of, and instead of just knifing him in the skull, McDrunky tries to save the airbag. OH FUCK YOU, MARTYR. Happily Maggie comes along and scatters the zombie's brains on the ceiling. (She looks totes hot in her paramilitary outfit, btw.)

5) What happens next... oh yeah! So just as soon as all this crazy shit started, it's over. Rick and Carl Jr. has mowed down the zombie horde, Farmer McDrunky McMartyr gets the blood-vomiting Glenn breathing again, and Daryl and the gang return with the medicine... THE DAY IS SAVED. Or is it? Because guess who's lurking outside the prison?

6) THE ONE-EYED GUV'NAH!!! (EEEEEEEEEEEK!) Actually, it didn't scare me at all. It was kind of dumb and hilarious.

7) So a super boring and philosophical start to that episode turned into a pretty neat-o blood bath. Not too bad. BUT WHAT DID YOU THINK? Let's hear your chitty-chats in the comments below! UNLESS YOU'RE A MARTYR, TOO.

Guys! I look so hot in this outfit!