A very-possible agreement with Iran over rollbacks of its nuclear ambitions sounds like new and heartening progress, right? Not to Israel, which has repeatedly made the case getting the alienated nation to scale back its programs in exchange for loosened sanctions is "a mistake of historic proportions," and "an exceedingly bad deal."

Speaking of Iran, its Beirut embassy was bombed—twice—in what's being tentatively described as spillover from the war in Syria. At least 23 were killed.

Remember when America used to make stuff? Quality stuff? Parts of Mexico are living that dream right now, and have a burgeoning middle class to show for it. Eat your heart out, withering American middle class!

Meet Robert Wilkins, a federal judge who President Obama would like to raise to the nation's most prominent appeals court. Like others Obama's nominated to the court recently, no one's got much beef with his history or qualifications. But it's Washington and it's 2013, so he'll be blocked like the others.

Ever wonder what judges were thinking when they approved extraordinary National Security Agency parsing of Americans' communications? At least one of them was very clear it was a big, potentially dubious deal.

"Hey!" you're thinking, "we've made it this far into GMN with nary a scent of Obamacare woes?! Maybe the tide is turning at long last. Maybe I'll be able to afford health care and finally assume my destiny." Nope, though that sounded mysterious and sweet. Healthcare.gov is still a problem, and it turns out White House officials have known about its potential for gaping flaws since "early this year."

And the president, in trying to rollout the signature policy of his presidency to date, is less popular than ever.

Shady business down in Virginia, where a state senator is in critical condition with stab wounds, while his son is dead by a gunshot. No word yet on what transpired.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: Still no resigning. “You think American-style politics is nasty?” he said yesterday as the city council further stripped him of money and authority. “This is going to be outright war.”

If I told you George Zimmerman was arrested again yesterday and asked you to guess why, I'm confident 70-plus percent of you could divine the exact circumstance.

Like many Tuesdays, this one's going to be vaguely unpleasant.


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