As you know, the Mercury LOVES spotlighting the best illustrators in the world every week on our covers. Now we want to spread that same love... TO YOUR BODY. Introducing the new "Mercury Fancy Shirt" line of fancy t-shirts! That's right, every month (until we get bored) we'll be releasing a brand new Mercury T-shirt featuring the amazing art and artists you see on our covers each week—and they'll be exclusively sold at Upper Playground (23 NW 5th)!

Buy these limited edition shirts and you'll be sporting the works of such great artists as Bwana Spoons, Skinner, Lori D., Tim Root, Jeremy Fish, Sean Morris, Michael Hsiung, and more! Our December and January shirts will feature the art of Martin Ontiveros (see the heavy metal tiger) and James Mitchell (dog and death on a bike). Check 'em out!


You can get these fantabulous shirts starting THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6 at Upper Playground, where we'll be having a Mercury Fancy Shirt kickoff party at 7:30. Come by, say hi, meet the artists, and buy a shirt for yourself or a friend! As they say in the the holiday biz, "MAKES A PERFECT GIFT!"

THE PORTLAND MERCURY FANCY SHIRT COLLECTION: Ensuring you look fantastic every month in 2014!