Last week I spent a few days rounding up some truly excellent food carts, but asking the photographer to track down and shoot each one during their disparate hours was too tall an order. Fortunately, I have a few phone snaps to show you what I was talking about. (Except for La Sangucheria, whose two delicious sandwiches I ate alone in my car during a downpour — too sad and smelly a moment to capture on film.) Refer to the article linked above for addresses and URLs.

Steak Your Claim
I actually liked their cheesesteak even better, but the picture I took was artless and washed out. I grew anxious while watching the guy ladle what seemed like an unwise amount of Whiz over the meat, but the roll contained everything in miracle-type fashion and the sandwich ate cleanly.

Steak Your Claims The Purist ($8.50)
  • Steak Your Claim's "The Purist" ($8.50)

Much more deliciousness after the jump!

It was the hot meat juices dripping down onto the French fries that sealed this deal, though the mici themselves are a charcuterie marvel Ms. Dragan is justifiably proud of. I'll be back to try the Covridog, a foot-long sausage baked in a fresh dough case.

Delicioss Mici ($8) - the kofte kebabs texturally superior marvel.
  • Delicios's Mici ($8) - the kofte kebab's texturally superior marvel.

Maine Street Lobster Company
Instantly teleport to the shores of Rockland, Maine—or wherever you had your lobster roll Eureka. The day after our article ran, customers cleaned them out, but they re-open today with more fresh lobster.

Maine Street Lobster Companys dead-on cold lobster roll ($14)
  • Maine Street Lobster Company's dead-on cold lobster roll ($14)

One thing people never want to hear me complain about is how much bad pappardelle I eat. Very few great examples can be found in town (for reference, I think Luce makes a top contender), but Burrasca's is a yardstick against which to measure them all. And now he's making crespelle, so I'll have to get back soon.

Burrascas wild boar ragu with fresh pappardelle ($8).
  • Burrasca's wild boar ragu with fresh pappardelle ($8).

Have you ever seen falafel so lovingly garnished? Chickpeadx make other falafel look like joyless baseball stadium stodge.

Chickpeadx is anything but bored with the potential of falafel.
  • Chickpeadx is anything but bored with the potential of falafel.