Marc Webb's unasked-for Spider-Man reboot (Sony has to keep cranking these things out, lest the movie rights to the character revert to Marvel) was a surprising thing: On one hand, it felt rushed and mercenary, but on the other—thanks to across-the-board great casting and a Spider-Man who was actually funny—it was a big improvement over Sam Raimi's Spider-films. More or less everything was great about Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man except for the script. And scripts are... kind of important? If you're telling a story?

Hopefully they put together a screenplay that does't suck for the whoa-that-was-fast sequel (*sound of Sony frantically cranking*), which features new writers (Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who're behind everything from Star Trek to Transformers to Sleepy Hollow) and about five billion bad guys: in a bid for long-term franchise viability, it looks like Spider-Man 2 is setting up something like the Sinister Six, an association of bad guys who HATE Spider-Man and like hanging out together. So far there's Jamie Foxx as Electro, Paul Giamatti as Rhino, Dane DeHaan as some kind of Goblin, and, in the trailer, a glimpse of Doctor Octopus' arms and the Vulture's wings. That leaves one spot open. I'm hoping it's filled by a bitter Tobey Maguire.