Apparently, the cold weather makes you cranky. May tomorrow's rains wash the rage away from the Mercury's Letters Page (no, actually, scratch that, you're so funny when you're angry). Ahem, let's get started, shall we?

—J wrote in about the whole TriMet bridge-naming contest thing, because J missed the deadline to submit his terrible idea for a name to TriMet itself. So he came to us. The name? "The Section 8 Bridge."

—Sigh... and then... another idiot rolled up—sorry, "Steve" rolled up—to ask us why we run the "bigoted, malicious" Dan Savage's column. Sounds like somebody needs light therapy, and stat.

—In a more right-headed development, Mick chimed in to join the growing chorus of complaints against mega-site BuzzFeed and its flagrant, uncredited reuse of intellectual property.

—And wow, the internet is still all over it anytime Barbara Holm writes a column. (Not bad, Barb!)

—And finally, asks the obvious question: Why would you even make it so that bean bag rounds and shot gun rounds could be fired interchangeably?


Now go grab yourself a nice big thermos of hot toddy, and write your own dang letter.