21 Jump Street should have been fucking terrible, but guess what? It was fucking great. Which means everyone with a sense of humor is looking forward to 22 Jump Street, a sequel that has the laziest title in the world, but also a sequel that has the same directors and the same writer as the first film, and still has Jonah Hill and Chatum, and has a new red-band trailer that just made me laugh harder than most of the comedies I saw this year.

Things I like about this: That, like the first film, everybody's being delightfully straight-up about how hacky of a premise for a movie this is; that this film's plot looks to be an exact duplicate of the first film's plot, thus leaving more time for hijinx and bullshittery; that there's a weird Bad Boys sort of vibe to this. I also like that they reminded me of that time that guy got his dick shot off in the first movie! I took my mom to see 21 Jump Street when I was home for Christmas in whatever year it came out; I've never seen my mom laugh so hard as when that guy got his dick shot off.