The headline says it all, but for the detail-oriented:

1. If you've been to Powell's lately, you might've noticed some unnervingly empty bookshelves in the Blue Room. That's because, beginning this month, the bookstore is remodeling the portion of the building that holds the Blue and Green rooms (literature and the main entrance room, respectively). Per the press release, "The remodeled rooms will have a brand-new layout, as well as a look and feel that both respects the history and retains the spirit of Powell's. Specific updates and improvements include: a new entrance, a new roof, energy-efficient windows, fresh exterior paint, additional skylights, and new lighting." The store will remain open during the remodel, but the main entrance at 10th & Burnside will be closed for the duration—an estimated six months. Work is scheduled to begin January 13.

2. Microcosm Publishing recently purchased a new location at 2752 N. Williams, where they moved their storefront and operations as of this month. The move marks a big expansion from the tiny Southeast digs the publisher/distributor has occupied for years—you can check out photos of the new space here.

3. And finally, the Multnomah County Library has begun providing streaming music and video to its members, via Hoopla, a "Netflix-like streaming service" with upward of 125,000 titles that allows patrons to access albums for one week and movies/video for three days per item. (Hoopla is offered in more than 50 other library systems, including Seattle and LA.) Library members will be able to stream a total of four items per month, on iOS, Android, or your browser—to get started, visit the library's portal to all-things digital.