Easily one of the best movies of last year was The Act of Killing (read Alison's review here). When people call movies "must-see," they're usually exaggerating, but I'd say that Killing is, in fact, an actual must-see movie: If you're a member of the human race, you should feel obligated to watch it, and watching it will make you a better person.

Until I'm dictator of the planet, though, and can force all of you jerks to watch whatever I deem appropriate and necessary, I'm left trying to convince you to watch it in more pedestrian ways. Like pointing out that over at Film School Rejects, Rob Hunter has a piece about seeing the director's cut of The Act of Killing with its audio commentary, featuring director Joshua Oppenheimer and producer Werner Herzog. The bits of trivia in the commentary are just as weird and affecting as you'd expect:

Dutch tourists stumbled upon the film crew during the waterfall shoot, and they asked Oppenheimer if Anwar was Nelson Mandela.

Herzog asks if Oppenheimer would be arrested if he was to return to Indonesia, and the director replies that while he could go back to the country he probably wouldn’t be allowed out again. He’s received death threats too, usually poorly written ones.

And naturally, there's some Herzogian Herzogness in the mix too:

Asked if he ever held a large fish in his hands, Herzog says yes. “I was two summers in Alaska. My older son had the end of his childhood, and we would go out in the wilderness and we had to live off the land.”

Read the rest of the commentary rundown here. The Act of Killing is now available to buy or to rent on just about every conceivable platform. See it if you haven't.