It's almost time for Oregon lawmakers to argue about the Columbia RIver Crossing again, and the project's supporters are chirruping with glee over a newly released "investment-grade analysis" that says bridge tolls will ably finance the project. One person who's not so impressed: State Treasurer Ted Wheeler.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai continues poking Washington, and not JUST in the fun, flirty Facebook way. Karzai yesterday released dozens of Taliban militants accused of attacking and killing American soldiers. That's not a hopeful sign at a moment when the Obama administration is trying to convince Karzai to sign a deal that would keep US troops in his country past 2014. In fact, that deal may already be dead.

American troops ARE out of Iraq, as you know. Now, the recapture of the central Iraqi city of Fallujah has former US Marines questioning exactly what the hell they were fighting for a decade ago, in the Iraq war's bloodiest battle.

So what's the fickle labor market got to say this month? Nothing good. Job growth is the slowest it's been in three years. Though that could be thanks, in part, to this "polar vortex" I guess some people just went through? I don't know much about it.

Here's a fun video of a woman jumping from Troutdale's Stark Street Bridge into the Sandy River to avoid police capture. Probably one of my Top 10 Worst Rivers to Jump In To Avoid Police Capture. She did not avoid police capture.

Just beautiful. Check out Fox News attempting to jujitsu Republican Gov. Chris Christie's fresh woes into an indictment of President Obama.

Traveling to sunny Syria? Be prepared for the hard sell by al-Qaeda affiliates.

The Indian diplomat accused of paying an employee meager, illegal sums—then intimidating the employee's family in India when she fled—was indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday. No matter. The State Department pulled some strings and Devyani Khobragade hopped a plane to her homeland. She could face the charges if she ever comes back.

Sorry, West Virginians. There's coal cleaner in the water again.

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