It's what we aspire to do, in my chosen genre. We hope to have the skill to draw you down into the moment of revelation and make an episode of it, like they do in the 24 television show. We hope to take the reader down with us, like a drowner or a quicksand sibilant.


Blake Butler over at VICE has chronicled the precise experience of consuming the new Taco Bell nacho scarapetta, the one you've seen in the commercial where a young boy runs from a father of uncertain relation. His play-by-play spares no-one in its visceral and crude language, and I think it will ring true for anyone who has committed to the full-sodium Taco Bell sin after lunchtime hours.


If you want to know what it might be like to ever consume the entire Taco Bell menu while compromised, I once wrote a comic about it: It Is Here.