Well... it sounds logical when you put it that way...

We are going to be bypassing pilot season,” [Fox Chairman Kevin Reilly] said, later referring to the old system as “a welfare state.” “The broadcast development system was built in different era with three networks and is highly inefficient. It is nothing short of a miracle it can still produce anything of quality in that environment,” which includes ordering a ton of pilots, then screening them and making a decision over a two-week period, with the producers of the newly picked up series tasked with delivering a series on the air in six weeks.

It's not that original of an idea, actually. While broadcast TV has been desperately clinging to the model developed in the '50s—when new TV shows would roll out in the fall, at the same time as the new line of automobiles—Reilly's idea will mimic the style basic cable has been employing with great success for some time now: Pick smart people and let them have the time they need to fully develop a show.

Hopefully Reilly will stick to his guns. Fare thee well "system that brought us Herman's Head!"