Rob Jackson at Phandroid writes:

At an AMC theater in Easton Mall in Columbus, Ohio, one Google Glass Explorer went to see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, but got a rude awakening instead. An hour into the movie he was approached by a federal agent who, without hesitation, snatched the Google Glass off the man’s face and removed him from the theater.

Outside there were 5 to 10 officers and agents who proceeded to allegedly badger and question him for over 3 hours, suggesting he was illegally recording the movie.

According to Phandroid, the man was eventually released and given two free tickets to AMC Theaters for his trouble. While I respect the right of hard-working Americans to mock "Glass Explorers" at every opportunity, and while anyone who wears a recording device strapped to his head has to expect to have a kinda difficult time at the movies, I don't think that warrants the three hours of interrogation and all-around shoddy treatment this man received. But what do you think?