Movies, rollerskating, dance parties, dinners... there are still a few months of the year left to dream up indoor activities that are more interesting than warming a bar stool, before "sitting in the sun doing nothing" is once again a happy option. Well here's one for you: Smash Putt is a pop-up mini golf course that's basically a scarier version of Holocene's now-defunct annual mini golf hole course/art show. There are holes that you have to duck under alarmed lasers to get to ("Mission Impossi-hole"), holes built like low rider cars, "golf ball cannons," and "scratch n’ sniff technology" to contend with, for example.

Smash Putt will be set up in Portland for nine upcoming weekends, starting Friday, Jan 31, and while it is more interesting than sitting on your ass at the bar, booze will also flow freely—this here's 21+ mini-golf, see (except for two family friendly matinees scheduled for Feb 16 & March 9, noon-3 pm). The Mercury tried it as a team-building exercise of sorts a few years ago, and it's sort of like a cross between a haunted house and a nightclub, except with an objective. This year it's taking up residence at 140 NW 4th—the long and sadly empty Royal Family Ginseng building in Chinatown It'll be awesome to see this space activated again, but the location also puts it in the eye of the weekly "entertainment district" shit show, so plan accordingly. As much as you can plan for facing down "devious devices with wicked robot brains engineered by crazed artists," that is.

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