I've said before that the .gif and the .jpg will cease augmenting internet discussion and just completely replace it. Photoshop will become an accepted language. And you can get a quick peek at the political ramifications of such a change when you look at the New York Times Magazine's cover this week.


This is just off-putting to look at, and that's a sneaky, subtly great way to counteract the news the country's biggest liberal PAC, the one that helped bury Hillary and got Obama elected, decided to throw their weight behind the former Secretary of State today, two years before the election, with no announcement from Clinton as to whether she's actually running or not.

While the gloryhallagoofy image on the cover probably won't make much of an impact outside of becoming a template for the swapping of famous faces (Doge, Bieber, Grumpy Cat, Nick Nolte), it's not as if memes haven't damaged political aspirations before:

Howard Stern almost singlehandedly murdered this mans political hopes. BYAAAAAAHHH
  • Howard Stern almost singlehandedly murdered this man's political hopes. BYAAAAAAHHH