Well, well, well, it looks like some of the vestiges of 2013 remain. We are not even completely through the first month of 2014, and already FLUORIDE has once again reared its head on the Mercury Letters page.

—We can thank Jerry for bringing up the old fluoride saw, with a letter addressed to Ann Romano. While he stressed his admiration for the columnist's witty take on most issues, a comment in which she called Jenny McCarthy's worldview "anti-science" set him off. In less than 24 hours his letter has received two more letters, one comment, and counting. So it goes.

—"Uninsured in Indignation" wonders where the Mercury's people-championing coverage of Cover Oregon is at. We are working on it, OKAY?!?!

—Euphonius kills your marijuana buzz with a dim view on what will come of the legislature's legalization bill: "burdensome" taxation and "draconian" enforcement.


—Bob Sallinger of the Audubon Society of Portland commented an article he also appeared in, regarding the recently dropped plans to build on West Hayden Island. Mainly he wanted to give a shout-out to some of the folks fought to take it off the table.

—tomwiththeweather got a little sensitive about Denis pointing out the irony of Ice Cube playing an abusive cop in a buddy comedy. He has a point: While one might say "Fuck Tha Police" at 19, one might also sing a very different tune at 44.

Speaking of which, won't you sing us a tune?