Has anyone else gotten one of these letters? Reader Shawn Collins says he's found two on his porch in recent months.


Collins lives in North Portland, just a short distance from Peninsula Park. He writes:

"The first letter was on our doorstep back in November I believe. I didn't think much of it and tossed it after showing my landlord who also lives there. It wasn't as descriptive as this letter and I don't think it mentioned Obamacare or the fact that they have broken other people's windows. It was the same situation though, I walked out of my house in the dark of the morning to find this letter on the porch with a rock on it. I have no idea why they've singled out our house. We've never had any political signage what so ever on the property so why they think they know my affiliation is beyond me."

Notably, Collins hasn't found any apples. Because throwing apples would be somehow even more stupid than leaving notes acting like you've been throwing apples (plus they're delicious and not cheap).

And, as Collins notes:

"It's pretty ballsy though! There are some shady areas of NoPo & they're likely to get their apple tossing asses shot."

Update, 11:14 am: It's been pointed out to me these notes are similar to letters distributed late last year by someone going by "Artemis of the wildland," which I'd forgotten all about. Those letters threatened to expose people in a southeast Portland neighborhood who receive food stamps.

No mention of an Artemis in Collins' letters, but the font in both missives looks to be the same, and both are apparently aligned against liberal programs/values.

Update, 3:40 pm Thursday: I've missed the boat on a lot of coverage of this so-called "Welcome Wagon." Apparently they formerly worked chiefly with tomatoes? Whatever, Welcome Wagon.