Sir Sly (Via)

Hawthorne Theatre–St. Lucia, Sir Sly, Sex Life DJs, 7 pm, $15-18
Alberta Rose Theatre–Sara Jackson-Holman, Bike Thief, Friends & Family, 9 pm, $10
Blue Monk–Marcellus Pittman, Mi Elliott Thomas, Morgan H, 8 pm
Crystal Ballroom–The Devil Makes Three, The Brothers Comatose, 9 pm, $22.50-25, all ages
Holocene–DJ Shinhwa, 5 pm; Snap: Doc Adam, Colin Jones, DJ Freaky Outty, 9 pm, $5
The Know–Fault Lines, Tennis Pro, Shores of Oblivion, 8 pm
Tonic Lounge–Graves at Sea, Rabbits, Norska, Drunk Dad, 9 pm
Watershed–Experimental Portland: Alien Parkinson Project, Asphalt Ocean, Consumer, Cult of Zir, Destroyed for Comfort, Muzzy, Neglect, Noise Agency, Play Human, Portland Bike Ensemble, Sister Mamie Foreskin, Stochastic Mettle Union, Transparent Aluminum, The Translucent Spiders, Troubled by Insects, DJ Not, Princess Cake, 6 pm, free