Okay, here's something I didn't expect to read today:

That's correct, NBC confirms that Seth Meyer's old pal Fred Armisen will be the bandleader when Seth takes over Late Night on Monday, Feb 24. From Buzzfeed:

According to the network, Armisen will curate and lead the band, and will continue to run it even when he’s shooting Portlandia, his sketch comedy series with Carrie Brownstein that’s entering its fifth season on IFC.

According to our own music editor Ned Lannamann and Stereogum, the other folks in that pic are Seth Jabour and Syd Butler of Les Savy Fav, Eli Janney (Girls Against Boys), and Kim Thompson (Beyoncé).

AND SPEAKING OF CARRIE: According to the Twitter, Armisen pal and Portlandia co-star Carrie Brownstein is slated to return to NPR's All Songs Considered, starting tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone involved, and I now return you to your afternoon nap, already in progress.