It seems wrong to not type out the title in all caps: BRICK MANSIONS is the latest flick cranked out by what Entertainment Weekly accurately dubs "The Luc Besson Euro-Action Factory." It also happens to be the last film that Paul Walker finished before his untimely death, as Fast & Furious 7, as you've probably heard me mention like 20 times, being retooled to both adjust for Walker's death and use the footage Walker shot for the film.

As someone who likes (A) Paul Walker and (B) a good amount of the goofy Euro-Action fodder churned out by Besson & Co., I hereby declare the trailer for BRICK MANSIONS to look pretty fun. Especially if you got a kick out of the French parkour epic District B13, of which this is a remake, and of which of course you got a kick out of, as I assume you have a soul. Fellow fans of ridiculous action, this should make our wait for Fast & Furious 7 a little easier.