Last night was the debut of Jimmy Fallon's reign on The Tonight Show, and while I've had my doubts that Jimmy can successfully host the late night gab fest... it's not because he isn't talented. It's more because that particular show has possibly been forever tainted by "Jay Leno herpes." I'm afraid NBC won't accept anything but the boring, older middle-American vibe that can't experiment with comedy and interviews like Fallon did to a pretty impressive degree on Late Night, because it's just too threatening to the red states. BUT? Who knows what's going to happen? Good luck to ya, Jimmy, I hope I'm proven wrong.

However, I'm not going to pay you $100 like this very impressive lineup of celebrity/buddies did after refusing to believe you'd ever get The Tonight Show. I won't spoil the surprises, but be sure to check out Jessica Rabbit... I mean... Mariah Carey.