Over the past few years, Marvel has more or less conquered both the superhero genre and Hollywood. With Guardians of the Galaxy, they're taking a gamble: Not only are they branching out from Avengers tie-ins to make a non-superhero movie, but said movie also happens to be a science-fantasy/comedy that stars Andy from Parks and Rec, a talking tree (Vin Diesel!), a talking raccoon (Bradley... Cooper?), Uhura, Glenn Close, Amy Pond, Benicio Del Toro, some wrestler who isn't The Rock and therefore doesn't matter, and John C. Reilly, because fuck it, why not! Oh, and it's directed by the guy who made the Slither and Super. Sure! Okay!

Granted, maybe this will totally backfire—and I think that's actually part of what makes me like it so much. If this first trailer is any indication, Guardians could end up being really goddamn fun. Like Indiana Jones and Firefly and Blue Swede had a threesome. Sort of.

(Also fun, if you liked the look of all that: Portland writer Brian Michael Bendis' Guardians comic.)