This business in Ukraine. The country's ousted president, Viktor Yanukovych, hasn't come to grips yet with his ouster—and he's surfaced in Russia, where he's planning to tell everyone exactly that. And while Russian soldiers hold totally coincidental "exercises" near the Ukraine border, a bunch of mysterious gunmen in Ukraine's very ethnic-Russian Crimea got things started by seizing the local parliament building and putting up a Russian flag. Also, Russia, and some more Russia. And Russia.

Britain's spy agency, according to the Snowden documents, has maybe seen you abusing yourself (probably creepily!) on your webcam. The agency tapped into Yahoo users' web cams and reportedly collected a trove of sexual images.

This business in Venezuela. Suspected of killing protesters five intelligence officers have now been arrested and charged with murder. It's more fallout from demonstrations that started small, among students, but mushroomed (just like in Ukraine) to regular citizens in the face of a heavy-handed government crackdown.

It took her long enough... but Arizona Governor Jan Brewer stared down the GOP's right wing and finally decided to veto a bill that would have let businesses get away with all kinds of discrimination—but primarily against LGBTQ citizens—in the name of "religious freedom." As we reported in this week's paper, Oregon's facing a similar effort, but at the ballot box.

And, well, now Texas has jumped ahead of Oregon on the marriage equality list. A judge tossed aside the state's ban on same-sex marriage, calling it "state-imposed inequality." Texas voted three times in the past 17 years, not because anyone's over-compensationg, to ban same-sex marriage. Unlike in Oregon, the state's right-wing attorney general will appeal the ruling.

Unsurprisingly, a Republican congressman is flogging a tax-reform bill that would finance a substantial reduction in taxes for corporations and the wealthy on the backs of the poor: no more deductions for medical bills and child care, and reduced tax credits for the poor. But the bill won't go anywhere. Speaker John Boehner said this when asked about it: "Blah, blah, blah, blah.”

New food labeling standards, under a proposal pushed by first lady Michelle Obama, will force us to be uncomfortably honest about precisely how much ice cream we've been eating.

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Babies with three parents! Born in Britain! Maybe! Maybe soon!