So according to Vladimir Putin, the Russian troops lining Crimean streets are not Russian, opposition protestors who overthrew Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich were an "orgy" of radicals and Nazi sympathizers who stationed snipers to shoot crowds and foment rage, and Russia has no plans to open fire on Ukrainian citizens... unless it is to protect Ukrainian citizens. Read all about Putin's first public comments since Russian troops insidiously oozed into the Crimean Peninsula last week.

You know what Putin's also probably got a wry take on? Secretary of State John Kerry is in Kiev, pledging $1 billion in aid and assistance that will help the nascent government there avert economic collapse.

AND OH NO: Adidas and Nike could suffer weaker sales because the Ukrainian people are busy wondering if they'll remain a sovereign nation and if they'll be shot by foreign troops.

A federal judge has ruled Kentucky must honor same-sex marriages carried out in other states. You think Kentucky's going to fight that ruling? Hell YES Kentucky's going to fight that ruling.

How do you combat the oft-cited ills of gentrification? The NYT says more and more cities are spurning some of the attendant property tax bonanzas in favor of keeping around long-time residents.

One more question. How extensive has gentrification in Portland been? Well, we're not as newly posh as Chicago or the sparkling condos up in Seattle, but, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, we're the eighth-most gentrified city in the US. If we only had one more Trader Joe's...

California's cruel industrial egg production is less-cruel than other states' industrial egg production. And those other states don't want to have to be any less cruel when it comes to producing their blood eggs.

That dude who delivered pizzas to the Oscars the other night a) had no idea he was going to be delivering pizzas to the Oscars and b) got a $1,000 tip, courtesy of Brad Pitt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and the like. He says it's the "American dream".......

Everyone keeps posting these stories about how RadioShack is closing 1,100 stores, and not ONE of them evinces even a little surprise that RadioShack still has 1,100 stores to close.

At least Daylight Savings Time is around the corner. It's my favorite.


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