Tacocat: No, really. They are the best.
  • Kelly O
  • Tacocat: No, really. They are the best.
Another week, another music section, but before we get into that, did you know that Portland's—nay, the world's—greatest musical event happens this weekend? 'Tis the Malt Ball, and it's a beer festival and music festival rolled into one. But of course, there is other music news to talk about, too:

• News editor Denis Theriault spills news all over the music section with an excellent investigative piece on what went down at the Blue Monk on Saturday night. Rapper Illmaculate chose to forgo his performance in protest of excessive police presence, drawing to light a far bigger issue between Portland police and the local hiphop scene. Could Saturday night mark a turning point? I for one sincerely hope so.

Tacocat are fun and games, but they're not all fun and games. Still, they're pretty damn fun. And who doesn't like games?

LISTEN: Tacocat - "Bridge to Hawaii"

Angel Olsen's voice is an instrument with thermodynamic capabilities, and her songwriting ain't bad, either.

LISTEN: Angel Olsen - "Forgiven/Forgotten"

• The Dharma Bums' Jeremy Wilson went to Florida to give it a go. It didn't work out. (Because Florida.)

LISTEN: Jeremy Wilson - "Empty Through Empty Space

Solids' sweet and serrated noise pop puts emphasis on the noise.

LISTEN: Solids - "Haze Away"

• Plus a malty, music-y festival's worth of Up & Coming shows.