How Warner Bros. Screwed Over Veronica Mars' Backers


Ultraviolet files can be used on more devices than iTunes and amazon. Not sure you understand that you could also download Veronica if you chose not to stream via Ultraviolet. There are approx 20 million Ultraviolet users but you can't get yours to work? 20 million users and account holder and you indicate nobody is using it is incorrect and plain false.
It's a good bet that over half of their 20 million users are hit and runs like myself where I registered to redeem the code that came in my movie's case, transfered it to iTunes, and never went to the site again. You can't actually download the movie unless you want to install their DRM infested crapware on a Windows PC (I've heard it doesn't work on Macs despite there being a Mac release).
here a full movie watch and Download Veronica Mars :=>>
Try searching 1st this movie :==>

here a full movie watch and Download Veronica Mars :=>>
This Chuck Lovelace guy really seems to care about Ultraviolet's online reputation:…