Whomever, or whatever, disappeared that Malaysian Airlines jet has done a damned thorough job, so far. Officials are now saying the mystery likely involved criminal activity, and that they'll investigate the pilot's home. And check out the insane, if perhaps unreliable, tale radar signals are telling.

In fickle, awful Washington, DC, actual feelings don't matter—only approval ratings and that next crucial shot of electoral juice. So, for some trembly campaigning congresspeople, President Obama is now "poisonous." God, I hate national politics.

Russian military forces are dipping their toes into mainland Ukraine, reportedly seizing a village and pumping station in what Ukraine's government is (rightly) calling an invasion. Don't worry, Russia replies. They're just protecting the village from terrorists. This isn't good.

In local ominousness, the Oregonian says the crude oil that moves by train from North Dakota through Oregon frequently emits a worrying amount of highly flammable gas. More, even, than the stuff carried on a train that became an enormous fireball in Quebec last summer. That oil could be stabilized, but it would cut into profits. Capitalism!

In cased you missed it, the popular vacationing site Airbnb is moving its North American headquarters to Old Town, a neighborhood that currently has a dearth of Airbnb offerings.

The Airbnb announcement was made official in Mayor Charlie Hales' second State of the City Address on Friday. Check out Denis' coverage for a detailed rundown.

More potential labor strikes in the offing. Both Portland State University professors and one of the City of Portland's biggest labor unions have voted to authorize a strike if disagreements aren't hammered smooth in the near future.

Man. Who would've ever thought in these heady days that Quizno's might one day have to file for bankruptcy? And yet, here we are.

There is no good place to get drunk and cause horrific and grisly wreckage with your car, of course, but Texas has to be one of the worst. The man who plowed into SXSW attendees this week could face the death penalty.

I'll admit it: Most Saturdays I'm just phoning it in; going through the motions until the time is right for whiskey and repose. Today, though? I'ma live it up.


Whatever you want to say about Vice, its dispatches from Ukraine are enthralling.