I've been taking a break from hosting The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club, because... SNORE, right? However! Last night's episode was such a soul-crusher, I figured you guys would need to have a place to discuss your feelings. SO! Join me after the jump for a quick recap, and your PTSD comments! LET'S GET CHITTY-CHATTING!

Psst. Here are just a few classic Twitter reactions to last nights show.

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Heres' what I'm thinking about last night's episode, "The Grove."

1) I hate to say I told ya so, Carol and Tyreese! BUT I TOLD YA SO. I knew (not from the start, but early on) that it was crazy kid Lizzie who was feeding rats to the zombies outside the prison gates. And why did you not hear my screams of protestation when Lizzie was practically suffocating Baby Judith? YOU GUYS JUST DON'T LISTEN.

2) While I was getting bored to tears with the prison story (and the farm story before that), I will admit things have perked up a bit by putting everyone on the road. While I'm not so thrilled by Glenn, Maggie, and Darryl—the kids seem to be the real focus of this season. How growing up in the apocalypse might be more psychologically damaging for them—because this life is the only one they know (and how our morals and values might sound a bit bullshitty to them). And it also makes you think of their children, and how exponentially fucked up they're going to be.

3) Anyway, back to Lizzie. What do you do with a kid who murders her sister with a knife to prove a point that zombies are human? It's practically impossible to find antibiotics—so where are you going to locate medicine that can treat schizophrenia? You can't. And so it was payback time for Carol, who, in return for very questionably murdering and burning Tyreese's lady back at the prison, now has to ACTUALLY do the right thing by snuffing out Lizzie. OR... was there another way around it? I can't think of one, but go ahead and put your theories into the comments below! So just look at the flowers... and CHITTY-CHAT AWAY!

What if I wanted to kill Justin Bieber... would you let me live then?
  • "What if I wanted to kill Justin Bieber... would you let me live then?"