The Walking Dead Chitty Chat Club: Twitter Edition!


Tense motions with Tyrese and Carole in the garden and I loved the way the shot was framed with him holding the gun in his hand as Carole struggled whether to tell him she killed his squeeze. I wonder if we'll get more of an explanation of her thinking on that or as Tyrese said, she is forgiven and they will move on and his word is enough for Rick to accept her back.

Also, Carole was looking mighty fine on Talking Dead, mighty fine.

Anyway, really no choice but to put little Lizzie (gotta be a tip of the cap to Borden, no?) down. I suppose you could have just packed up and left her to her own devices, but then you run the risk that she manages to survive and actually forms a legit bond with her "friends" and somehow becomes the queen of the entire zombie horde on a now organized zombie campaign.
For some Walking Dead / True Detective crossover, I pose the following:

If you were forced to make the choice knowing what the result would be in each instance, would you:

1) look at the flowers with Carol; or

2) "make flowers" with Erroll Childress' squeeze?
WD is the Family Guy of dramas. Totally vapid, totally lazy, a few good moments early on, resorts to lowest form of the art for attention boosts. Kid murder is the equivalent of a FG "You Have AIDS" musical number.