It's the best, working as a cop in Hawaii. First it was the glamour treatment of an iconic 1968-1980 detective show. Now it's the very vigorous defense of a little-known state law that lets police officers have legal sex with prostitutes.

Turkey's prime minister, whose 11-year grip on power is imperiled by a corruption scandal that's gone viral on social media, has banned Twitter in the run-up to election day. It's not going so well.

Vladimir Putin's best mates—and also his judo instructor—are among the major targets in the latest round of American economic sanctions over Crimea. Documents made public with the sanctions list also claim Putin holds a personal financial stake in one of Russia's largest oil companies.

Crimea's annexation became "official" anyway, with Putin signing Russian legislation declaring it so. Putin was feeling good enough about it all that he said he wouldn't answer the latest daggers thrown by the United States.

Beijing's rare sunny skies made it easier for asthmatics to join the crowds gawking at Michelle Obama and her children. They were there to hang out with their counterparts in China's first family during a summit.

The missing invisible money that shut down the MtGox exchange has been found. Magically! But only some of it!

Australia was damned sure that debris in the ocean it crowed about yesterday came from the vanished Malaysian airliner half the world's desperately seeking. It might not be. And now everyone's mad at the Australians for getting people's hopes up.

David Vitter, the occasionally troubled Republican senator from Louisiana, really, really, really, really loves the Koch brothers. "I think the Koch brothers are two of the most patriotic Americans in the history of the Earth," he said while reverently washing the Tea Party magnates' aged feet and proclaiming them greater than the workers who died to bring us the 40-hour work week, and weekends, and child-labor laws, and workplace safety rules, among many other boons we now take for granted. "God bless them."

The young Somali man sentenced in an FBI-assisted bombing plot in Pioneer Courthouse Square won't be allowed to review pertinent government documents meant to establish whether the surveillance that snared him was legal or not.

Trader Joe's news! Mayor Charlie Hales is getting on a plane to Monrovia, California, to sit down with company officials. That development comes after the local chapter of the NAACP, which once wrote a letter questioning the deal for NE Portland, now says it will welcome the grocery store in light of the city's promises to provide more housing.