Saturday night's show at Kelly's Olympian was marred by a request from the Fire Marshal on the morning of the show that the room's capacity be limited to 50 people, according to We Out Here. The downtown venue, whose capacity is listed as 150 people on Reverbnation, was expecting more than 100 people to come out for the show, a showcase of local hiphop featuring the Resistance (a trio incuding emcees Mic Capes, Glenn Waco, and Rasheed Jamal), Rey Totem, and Elton Cray.

This comes on the heels of the Illmaculate/Luck One/Mikey Vegaz show at the Blue Monk on March 1, which was also plagued by the Fire Marshal's assertion that venue capacity had been reached. Shardé Marie has the full report on We Out Here, as well as a review of Saturday night's show, which proceeded without incident in a room that was nowhere close to being full.

UPDATE: Read the Fire Marshal's response here.