Ah, I knew that wouldn't last! Saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night, and it was great! And so here I was feeling really good about comic book movies but then this happened and now I'm sad about them again. Behold: A shitty X-Men: Days of Future Past tie-in with Hardee's, in which Mystique, the X-Men's own Tobias Fünke (well, if Tobias was an always-nude, not a never-nude, and was also a shapeshifter), has to transform into a man in order to eat a hamburger. Sound stupid and insulting? Yep!

"What're you talkin' about? Just spray her down with some more of that Smurf Blue. Bing, bang, boom, nobody will even be able to tell it's not Jennifer Lawrence."

As Chris Sims at ComicsAlliance points out,

Equally dumb, but significantly less sexist I suppose, is the follow-up encouragement to turn your #lunch into a #socialmedia #event on the chance that someone who went to college for graphic design and is now regretting their life choices will turn your Instagram photo into a picture of an X-Man eating a hamburger. (Via.)