Oregon's adding jobs faster than most of the country. What kind of jobs, I'd like to know.

Cops in Vancouver were searching high and low for a missing three-year-old, and some dude just sort of walked up to a KGW reporter and mentioned he had the kid in his apartment? This is a weird situation.

Putin called Obama. Now US and Russian officials are going to meet to hash out this Crimea fiasco. My guess: Russia's position will perplex.

Whatever Putin's olive branch signifies, he's still amassing more than 80,000 on Ukraine's border.

Searchers finding debris and having no idea if it belongs to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane is as newsworthy as the sunrise, these days, but I'm posting it all the same.

Glimpse your future, Portland, in the spilled racks of candy bars, broken windows, and precariously hanging stop lights left in the wake of Southern California's recent 5.1 magnitude earthquake. Just like ours will be, except that we'll lose most of our bridges and buildings.

The state of Michigan is crushing the college basketball game, and my god it's the best. I keep telling all of you about the Michigan State Spartans, but no one will listen.

It's my birthday! So I'm going to go outside and get rained on.


Hey! Thanks, ladies.