I had a learning moment today when I was reading "Former Facebook Friends" over on the I, Anonymous Blog. Did y'all know you can finger-hump boobies? I mean, I guess I knew you could, but why would you? Does anyone get anything out of that deal? Anywhozit. This anonymous Casanova is wondering why his baby mama unfriended him on Facebook. Maybe she's just tired of getting poked by him.

What the shit? Why the fuck are we not friends on facebook anymore? I'm the father of your daughter! Are you mad at me? I just tried to tag you in a picture and I looked and looked and looked even more, cause I'm shocked at wtf... Where's my, my baby mama? Whatever I did I am SO SORRY! I've learned recently how to lick women on their face (instead of finger hump their boobs) I will do it to you. I'll be chewing gum, but if your mad mad at me, I will lick your face, as a self defense mechanism. Don't be mad at me.

Have an inexplicable urge to tell everyone about your face-licking habits? Head on over to the I, Anonymous Blog, where it seems like there's more frog-licking than face-licking.