THE GOONIES People love this fat kid!
  • THE GOONIES People sure do love this fat kid!

The Goonies isn't that good of a movie, but you can't say that in Oregon, because it was filmed here, and everybody loses their shit about The Goonies whenever it's mentioned. Which seems to happen a lot, because every few years, Samwise Gamgee tells everyone there's going to be a sequel. Ah, Samwise! Sure there is, sure there is. But wait! Now Richard Donner is saying the same thing! Sort of? Actually I'm not sure what Richard Donner is saying.

Today’s salt-grain-taking-friendly news comes from TMZ, who asked Goonies director Richard Donner (who also directed the 1978 Superman) when he was going to make another comic-book movie. “If you call Goonies a comic book,” Donner replied. “We’re doing a sequel.” Actually, I don’t call The Goonies a comic book, because it’s not based on a comic book. Wait, does Sloth does wear a Superman T-shirt in the film? He does. Okay fine, whatever; it’s a comic-book movie. (Via.)

There's more over at The Dissolve, but the short version is The Goonies is about to get rebooted as The Goonies: The Next Generation, hopefully bringing with it the first film's proud tradition of shameless product placement and whatever the fuck Sloth was. Every single person in Oregon will go see it and then complain about it, but while it will probably be terrible, they will also point out that hey, at least it was better than Top Gun II: Topper Gun, Point Break: X-Treme, The Ghostbusters without Bill Murray, and whatever other rehashed property that will be announced between now and Thursday for a 2016 release.