You may not have noticed, but I rarely use my blogging power here on Blogtown for good. I pretty much just make fun of stupid things. It's mostly because I'm a terrible person but there's also a momentum to it. I review bad things, therefore people suggest bad things for me to review. If there was a 50 Shades of Grey fan fic ice dancing show, I'd get the assignment.

What's much more surprising is that people have started sending me their own creative work knowing full well I will probably shit on them. The people who own the warehouse bachelor pad I mocked e-mailed me about their webseries in hopes I'd write about it. And I get numerous e-mails from authors asking me to review their books on Amazon because of my 1-star review of Divergent. Most offer to send me copies of their Harry Potter rip-offs, but my favorite was an e-mail I got last week that said, "I would like to know if you are interested in buying one of my copies on Amazon and giving it a review?" What a generous offer! Since he knew he wasn't going to get a kind word out of me, he figured he'd at least get his $.75.

People I've mocked also like to e-mail me and try to be friends, which I don't understand at all. Last year I got an e-mail that included the phrase, "I loved your piece, especially the humor." There isn't a sentence in the English language that could have more clearly shown that they didn't get the joke.

What I don't know is why people think this is a good idea. Is it simply a case of "no such thing as bad publicity" or do people not get that when I shit on something, it's not secretly a compliment? Do I have to be friends with everybody I make fun of?

If you wrote something crappy and think I should publicly ridicule it, e-mail me.