This post officially welcomes back, "Everybody shit-talk bicyclists season." (Wait... that's every season.)

Its pretty cool that you've got an extended / long tail / cargo / bakfiets whatever bike to haul around kids, pets and household supplies. Very eco-conscious of you. It makes sense for alot of folks in this town.

But for fucks sake, assess the situation before you elect to walk those massive contraptions on the sidewalk teeming with people lined up at the food carts on a sunny work day. I saw one of you jab three or for people as you tried to meander your way through the crowd with one of those front loading bikes with an extra tail along seat for little Jimmy. In consideration of others, park that monstrosity near the corner. Better yet, haul your own lunch with your 15 foot long ass wagon. Prick.

Remember: There are things other than bicycles to complain about when the weather turns nice! Such as... taxes! Annnnnd... Comcast! Aaaaaand... STDs! Whatever! The point is that with the above post, we've heard EVERYTHING any person has to say about bicycles. So! Drop off your non-bicycle related confession or complaint to the I, Anonymous Blog—where... seriously, shut up about bikes, it's boring.