I love NBC's Hannibal. And like most shows I've loved in the past 15 years, it is stashed at the ass end of a network schedule to wither and die, and I, along with rest of the fanbase, spend as much time worrying about the ratings as we do the lives of the characters.

But how do you effectively advertise a show like Hannibal? Conventional wisdom says it's damn near impossible; the reason the show is great can't be chopped down into :30 second spots, or even a two minute trailer. Even the best attempts will be a clumsy misrepresentation. And if you manage to get it right, Hannibal is such a bleak, dark-humored thing that potential audience members might miss the appeal of following the show.

But in South Korea? They don't give a fuck about conventional wisdom. And as such, they run the best advertisements for this show I've ever seen.

Conventional wisdom says you just can't do that here in America. Maybe that's true. Or maybe NBC just takes that... thing up there, and doesn't even bother to translate it. Just tack it to the ass end of an episode of Community and let it run in all it's hyperventilating glittered-out glory. So what if it's not really all that representational of the show's tone? Yeah, it's pretty much a Tumblr page brought to garishly adorable life; if it gets a couple extra asses in front of the couch at 10pm on Friday, wouldn't that be worth it?

The show's tagline is "Embrace the madness" after all.