If you grew up in the Portland area, you remember Tom Peterson's commercials. The always-hustling furniture and appliance salesman gave out free haircuts at his stores and plastered his face on promotional watches and alarm clocks ("Wake up!"). And of course, everyone remembers when he declared bankruptcy and returned as "Tom Peterson... and Gloria's, Too!" Good ol' Gloria.

KPTV just ran a segment checking in with Peterson, who has Parkinson's. I have not watched this video in its entirety because it makes me want to cry; if you think you might be similarly afflicted, just read the story.

I tweeted this story last night and my friend/colleague/troll Suzi Steffen responded "Only reason you have Feels is that you remember the commercials or something." Which is sort of true, I guess, but really undersells it; Tom Peterson was a familiar face in Portland for years and years and years, and seeing him like this hits surprisingly hard. There's a Facebook fan page full of pictures if you need to go wallow in nostalgia for a sec.