Couple the non-stop tension that has come with every game of this playoff series with the out-of-nowhere heat wave that's settled upon the city, and there's a legitimate chance tonight that Portland could blow open like overcooked macaroni.

Doesn't that sound fuckin' awesome?.

Rob Simonsen will continue his life-shortening duty to live-blog every second of this ongoing madness, and hopefully when the Blazers return to Portland, it won't be to play another basketball game against Houston, but to rest up for the second round. The city could use it too. It's been awhile since Blazermania this acute has struck the city. It's not 1976/1977 levels, of course, but it can get there.

Speaking of 1977, check out this video over at ESPN paying respects to Dr. Jack Ramsay. Also, keep an eye out during the game; the Blazers will be wearing this tribute to one of the best basketball minds that ever lived for the remainder of their playoff run.


Hot Live Blog Action begins at 6:30pm.