A raging debate was launched yesterday in the Mercury offices over one seemingly simple question: WHO HAS THE BEST SALAD IN PORTLAND? People somewhat agree (with the usual grumbling) over pizza, tacos, and barbecue... but can we agree to agree on SALAD? Let's find out!

Here are some of the top choices from our debate for the best of Portland's best (in no particular order):

Meat Cheese Bread (sandwiches can be made into salads!)
The Wedge Salad at Podnah's
The Wedge Salad at Slow Bar
Papaya Pok Pok at Pok Pok
Old Gold's Kale Salad (with bacon and egg)
Simpatico's Radicchio Salad
Kale Caesar at Lardo
Any salad from Gruner
The Caesar at Genino (in Sellwood)
Kale and Miso Salad at Old Salt
Taqueria Nueve's Caesar Salad (with ceviche on top)
Radicchio Salad at Nostrona
Cobb Salad at Petite Provence
Oven and Shaker's Kale Salad
Salmon Salad at Bonfire
Feta Salad at Hush Hush
And for cheap and good, Pizzicato was also argued over.

OKAY, NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! Think any of the above are the best of the best? Vote in the comments, while reminding us that your fave salad was left off the list!