If you haven't been to this great little bookstore on Southeast Morrison, you really should check it out especially if you enjoy having your intellectual pretensions pandered to. (I do!)

When Erik and I did our epic Visiting All the Portland Bookstores that Aren't Powell's feature a few years ago, we wrote the following blurb about it, in which we managed to use "pretentious" three times in like 100 words (we is write good):

Mother Foucault's is a pretentious bookstore in the fine tradition of pretentious bookstores—one of the used books we pulled off the shelf bore a Shakespeare and Company stamp. The shop is tiny and relatively new, but somehow seems ancient, like a toddler wearing glasses. The shelves go so high there's an actual slidey ladder, just like in Beauty and the Beast, and they're well stocked in Important Books, with an emphasis on fiction and criticism. It is, in short, the kind of bookstore every undergrad intellectual dreams of owning. Pretentious? Sure, but also great. Plus, bonus points for any bookstore this classy that has a name that sounds suspiciously like "Motherfucker's."