I thought I was easing into the festival by just hanging out at the Eagles Lodge last night for Bridgetown's opening festivities. I didn't account for the endless flow of PBRs and a thin bar line, so now I feel like this pile of unicorn poop I saw between comedy shows last night. It's a perfect visual metaphor for how I feel: spent, colorful, messy, and full of questionable dietary worth.

I saw great bits at my long sojourn at the Eagles Lodge. Thursdays can be a little empty on the first night of Bridgetown (at least in the small rooms), which was definitely the case at the wood-paneled clubhouse. As an audience member, I like that though. It's fun to watch the comics rise to an empty, not-quite-in-the mood room. Some stand-ups reveled in it: Ryan Sickler's hysterical story about a Baltimore drug party ending with an alligator attack was awesome. Now I want to check out his podcast Crabfeast taping at the Doug Fir on Saturday (1 pm). Aparna Nancherla killed it—that's what she does—and I feel like she's going to be my omnipresent stand-up this festival. That's fine by me; I could watch her talk about nothing for hours. And the evening's highlight was Jesse Elias, who I don't think looked at the audience once, his mop of hair hanging over his shoegaze. He was adorable, and funny, and charming. More, please! Now I'm stoked to catch him at Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction at the Alhambra on Saturday (10 pm). Apparently, he's not too shy to write absolutely filthy fanfic.

In a more warmed-up room, I'd also love to catch another set by Rojo Perez, Carolyn Busa, Will Weldon, and maybe New Yorker Adrienne Iapalucci, who was REALLY not into the quaint charms the Eagles Lodge has in abundance—hell, I don't think she was much into Portland as a whole, which was kinda refreshing and off-putting in equal measure.

Tonight's docket: The Very Important Show (w/Matt Braunger, Eliza Skinner) at the Analog (8 pm); Spicy News (w/James Adomian, Myq Kaplan) at Alhambra Lounge (10 pm); Persona! (w/Tony Sam, James Adomian) at Hawthorne Theatre (11 pm); and the Tanker's open mic. Which reminds me! Bob mentioned this earlier and Andrew reiterated, but don't forget the Tanker is open late night for open-mic shenanigans. It seems really under the radar this year.