Yahoooooie! The "Best of HUMP" tour—a curated "best of" night featuring some of the greatest HUMP dirty films ever created by regular sexy people of all sexual persuasions—is this coming weekend! It runs Thursday, May 15 through Saturday, May 17 at Cinema 21, and if you haven't seen HUMP! before, it's a great entry point into one of the funnest (and dirtiest) film fests you will ever see. But don't take my word for it! Here's what VICE magazine had to say about the HUMP! Tour:

Best of all, the festival taught straight dudes to get down with realistic gay and lesbian porn. One guy, Ben, saw gay porn for the first time at the festival. Krutch taught the audience about realistic lesbian sex and to remember that disabled people have fully functioning private parts. Described as proof “that people with disabilities have [genitals] that work just fine,” the movie cut back and forth between the disabled protagonist walking through New York City, dealing with public transportation, and masturbating at home in her leopard-print sheets. At the end of the film, her girlfriend walked in to join her, finding her face flushed with post-orgasm sweat. (Porn can be romantic!)

Read the rest here for even more details, and how this tour's films were chosen (and reacquired—since we destroyed out original copies, as promised).

SO! Now that you're convinced, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW FOR THE HUMP TOUR before they sell out! Or, if you're financially strapped, try to win two tickets to the Saturday, May 17, 7:15 pm show! Tomorrow noon is the deadline, and remember, if you Facebook or tweedle-deeedle-tweet it, you will receive extra entries into the contest! BWAA-HA-HAAAA! (Not sure why I'm laughing evilly, it's perfectly legal.)

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