Marjorie Skinner: "My weekend is a series of dangling maybes and half-commitments that mostly involve eating, but I am definitely going to a birthday party at Tiga, whose bar snacks I’ve been missing. Tomorrow I’m going to spend some time in the vegetable patch with a friend who’s actually good at gardening (I’m still pretty new at this “having a yard” shit), and will most likely stuff my face for the second time in two weeks at East Glisan Pizza Lounge thanks to the recent suggestion from our own Andrea Damewood. Sunday might involve driving out to Sandy to hang out at Stargazer Farm and going to this month’s Association dinner at Union/Pine, featuring guest speaker Kelley Roy of ADX… or it might not. The one constant in my life remains Game of Thrones."

Dirk VanderHart: “Friends are coming in from Seattle, so I’ll probably spend the weekend showing them all the reasons why they should move to Portland, being quietly ashamed at our relative lack of a skyline, and feeling smugly satisfied when they compliment some minor facet of urban life we do better. I’ll almost certainly be forced to chase some noxious shot with pickle juice, because that’s what people from Seattle love. I’ll have brunch at Podnah’s Pit, for the same reason. There’s talk of a Portland bingo on homemade cards. I’d like to sing a karaoke version of Live’s 'All Over You.'"

Alison Hallett: "Going to see Sunset Boulevard at the Laurelhurst. Probably hitting Late Night Action on Saturday. Otherwise, I am rereading Stephen King's Dark Tower series and I have a hammock so that's pretty much that."

Courtney Ferguson: “I’m surrounding myself with sportsing this weekend. Saturday, I’m headed to the coast for the finish line of Reach the Beach in Pacific City where I’ll cheer on my bike-riding friends. Hello, beach campfire—here I come! If I can finish my packing in record time, I’m headed to Oaks Park tonight to watch the Rose City Rollers’ Heartless Heathers take on a home team from Vancouver, BC. (I wish I could make it to Saturday’s all-star showdown between Portland’s Wheels of Justice who are taking on Montreal’s all-stars—that game’s going to be white-hot.) Throw a little pre-teen lacrosse game-watching into the weekend mix (um, I’m the best aunt ever), and it looks like I’m a fanatical sport fan. Now where’s the body paint?”

Ned Lannamann: