It's primary day! You have until 8 pm this evening to drop off your ballot at one of these locations. We've already helped you get started. Lots of people are running unopposed. They'll probably win. But there are also big and important decisions to make this primary. It's a big deal, though it might not feel like it.

The race getting the most shine nationally? Not the most consequential to you, but national political pundits are asking about how Dr. Monica Wehby will fare against Tea Party-backed Jason Conger in the Republican primary to challenge (almost certainly) US Sen. Jeff Merkley in November.

Actually, they're mainly reporting on Wehby's past breakups, which have become an obsession since Politico broke a story about a stalking complaint against her. Where did Politico get that information? It's unclear, but the Oregonian smartly did a records request for requests for the police report, and found out a Democratic operative was the first to pluck it, back in mid-April.

You already know same-sex marriage is now legal in Oregon, but take some time to read the legal opinion that got us here. It's a personal and sensible decision that almost seems to break rules mandating the use of ponderous legal argot. Very well done.

It's NOT a coup. The Thai military insists it's just keeping the country safe and peaceful by imposing martial law following six months of sometimes violent protest.

China is "sputtering with indignation" over criminal cyber-spying charges the US has filed against five Chinese military officials. The charges are false, China says, while unleashing its own documents purporting to show widespread cyber-attacks from the US. "By doing this, the U.S. has set a precedent," a former justice department official tells the Washington Post.“Traditionally we don’t prosecute each other on these kinds of things."

Here's a handy map, showing Oregon is part of a minority of states whose revenues have (finally) shot back above pre-recession levels. 2.3 percent!

“I believe I did use the ‘N’ word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse,” writes a racist old bastard from New Hampshire who's been forced to resign from his role as a police commissioner. “For this, I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.” What really beats all, though, is the pose he elected to strike when the press turned up to snap a photo. It's the exact same photo The Onion would run after concocting a fictive racist old bastard.

The kindly Swiss bankers who for years have helped America's richest citizens avoid paying what they owe for our shared public services now will pay into the system themselves. Credit Suisse has been fined $2.5 billion.

Typically, I'd studiously avoid headlines about a Hollywood actor who might have shot his wife last night, but then CBS wrote this sentence in its story about potential criminal charges against Michael Jace: "He also reportedly starred opposite Russell Crowe in the film 'State of Play.'" CBS! Who are your sources on that?


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