(left to right) Stephen McBean, doughnuts
  • Olivia Jaffe
  • (left to right) Stephen McBean; doughnuts.
It's a slammed, jammed week of music in Portland, partly due to the Sasquatch trickle-down effect, and partly because this town rules. Since it's one of the busiest weeks of the year, we've got a jumbo music section for you. Let's dive in*.
*The Portland Mercury is not liable for injury due to any actual diving.

Pink Mountaintops are often referred to as a side project for Black Mountain's Stephen McBean. Well, with the new, intriguing Get Back album, there are officially more Pink Mountaintops albums than Black Mountain albums. Also, the first Pink Mountaintops album came out before a Black Mountain album ever did. Suck on that, semantics!

LISTEN: Pink Mountaintops - "The Second Summer of Love"

Jex Thoth likens playing music to locking eyes with a wild animal. Luckily, her band's spiritual, metal-tinged music won't tear you limb from limb—or so you think.

LISTEN: Jex Thoth - "The Four of Us Are Dying"

• It took an extra helping of beautiful sadness to make Elbow's latest batch of beautifully sad music.

LISTEN: Elbow - "New York Morning"

• Horror Show's Domenic Palermo had a stream of shitty luck. After some needed downtime, he came back with Nothing. (No, that's the name of the band.)

LISTEN: Nothing - "Endlessly"

Parquet Courts have done something very rare: follow up a lauded breakthrough album with something that's just as good.

LISTEN: Parquet Courts - "Sunbathing Animal"

• Our handy thumbnail guide to the Sasquatch! music festival, which you'll be able to read in under a minute, we promise.

LISTEN: White Sea - "Prague"

• The triumphant return of our weekly All-Ages Action! column.

LISTEN: Waxahatchee - "Be Good"

• Plus a heavier haul than usual of this week's Up & Coming shows (there are lots!).

LISTEN: Mimicking Birds - "Bloodlines"