Remember in early April, when the Portland Police Bureau announced it would recommend a serious felony charge for a Portland State University student who'd allegedly swerved her Jetta into a cyclist (who was (forcefully) complaining she'd cut him off while texting?) The cops overstated their case. The driver won't be charged.

Transgender? On Medicare? Good news! The Obama Administration now says you can have that gender reassignment surgery you've been pining for for the last 65+ years. The administration's decision Friday to lift the decades-old coverage ban will have limited effect for actual Medicare patients, but could hold enormous sway over insurance policies as a whole.

This business with the Veterans Affairs Administration—that officials were masking the insane, injurious wait times veterans face to see a doctor—is unsavory stuff. So much so that President Obama lit the match on a rare (for him) political auto-da-fé yesterday. Eric Shinseki is out.

By the way, Portland's VA has one of the country's largest backlogs.

Also out at the White House: Spokesman Jay Carney, but that's by choice.

China's not making many friends these days. The country's maritime and airborne pugnaciousness are causing all sorts of complicated diplomatic headaches.

BIG NEWS: Well-known rich white men maybe helped each other get more rich. And it might have been illegal. Big news.

In actual big news: On Monday, President Obama plans to unveil a new policy for cutting carbon pollution. In the run-up, he's making a lot of noise about reducing asthma and heart attacks, and improving the health of kids and the elderly. But if logic was going to work, people would have largely ditched their cars decades ago. Here's hoping the president's got a muscular policy to back up the nice thoughts.

Gun enthusiasts are doing more, with their terrifying zealotry, to inspire sensible change than the Eliot Rodgers incident will.


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