• James Mitchell
Every year, the folks at PDX Pop Now! put together a two-disc compilation album that gauges the temperature of the Portland music scene. Volunteers comb through countless tracks by local artists who have participated in the open submissions, and cull it down to one hot, bulletproof tracklist.

This year's PDX Pop Now! compilation will be released at a pair of shows this Sunday, June 8 at Mississippi Studios: There's an all-ages matinee at 2 pm, featuring performances by New Move, Blak Neon, DJ Natasha Kmeto, and LEO. Admission's free, or you can get a digital download of the comp for $5. And there's a 21-and-over show at 7 pm (the suggested donation for admission is $10-20), with performances by Illmaculate, Bearcubbin'!, Sara Jackson-Holman, and Hosannas.

But before that happens, we've got the exclusive first look at this year's PDX Pop Now! compilation tracklist! It's a 41-song-strong bulletin of what's new, what's fresh, what's hot, what's exciting in local music. You'll see some established favorites and some you haven't heard of yet but are destined to become your new favorite band. Click the jump and take a gander:

Disc One
1. Blouse - No Shelter
2. Aan - Daylight
3. tigerface - Leaving (For a While)
4. Modern Kin - Abandon
5. Marriage + Cancer - AMEND MEN; AMEN
6. Charts - Settling Down
7. Fanno Creek - On My Way
8. Padre - Spector Spector
9. Blak Neon - Real World
10. The Tamed West - Floating
11. Small Million - Six Feet
12. Illmaculate - Do Not Disturb
13. Fringe Class - Protector
14. New Move - Don't Wanna Lose
15. Trio Subtonic - Night Runners
16. Natasha Kmeto - Idiot Proof
17. Sea Caves - Stoned In The Road
18. The Fur Coats - Desperate
19. Magic Mouth - Mother Lode
20. Sara Jackson-Holman - River Queen

Disc Two
1. Bearcubbin'! - Master Cylinder
2. Hands In - Take Time Enough
3. Pony Village - Bad Timing
4. Souvenir Driver - Kiss You Close
5. Ripley Snell - Steppin' Out
6. LEO - Waltz
7. Morning Ritual - So Cold
8. Novosti - Gold
9. Eyelids - I Can't Be Told
10. Coma Serfs - Under The Tongue
11. Honduran - Never Forget (Ben Bratt)
12. DoublePlusGood - Sometimes
13. Fault Lines - Just Like My Heart
14. The Weather Machine - So, What Exactly Does It Say?
15. Hosannas - Good Medicine
16. Orquestra Pacifico Tropical - Rio Frio
17. Grandparents - Pill Spectre
18. Big Haunt - Bitter Water
19. Summer Cannibals - Not Your Turn
20. Genders - Technicolor Vision
21. Ages and Ages - Over It